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Friday 18 September 2015

Golden Condensed Milk Cheesecake

This is a refined version of the famous CMCC.  Created also by the original creator, Kat Kat of BC :) This recipe yields a 8" cake and has a much shorter baking time!

I made some slight modifications to the recipe for a stronger cheese flavour.

I really like the bright golden top!

*8" round cake

5 yolks
1 egg
84g cake flour - sieved
84g condensed milk
200g cream cheese
58g canola oil
Pinch of salt
4tsp lemon juice

5 egg whites
75g castor sugar
1tsp lemon juice

  1. Preheat oven to 170C and prepare baking tins (lined bottom and grease sides) for waterbath.
  2. Melt cream cheese  by double boiling over stove.  Once melted,  whisk lightly to a smooth consistency.  Set aside.
  3. Sieved flour, then add in salt.  Set aside.
  4. Mix yolks, 1 egg and condensed milk until well combined.  Set aside.
  5. Heat oil over stove.  Once done, drizzle over sieved flour and quickly mix to a smooth paste.  Set aside.
  6. Pour yolk mixture into the cream cheese, mix well, then add in flour mixture, mix well then add in 4tsp lemon juice, whisk until well combined.  Set aside.
  7. Beat egg whites until foamy, add in 1tsp lemon juice, then add sugar in 3 batches.  Continue beating until attain firm peak.
  8. Fold in meringue to the yolk mixture by several batches.  Be sure to fold till you don't see any streaks of meringue.
  9. Pour in batter to baking tin, tap few times on table top to release air bubbles.
  10. Send to bake by waterbath method. 170C for 20min, then 160C for another 45min.
  11. Once done, invert to cool for 5min and remove mould.  Then revert back upright to cool completely.

Original recipe from Kat Kat


  1. Hi, is your oven a fan forced oven at 170C then 160C? Thanks.

  2. Hi there again, please is your oven fan forced or convection so I will adjust the temperature accordingly? Thanks in advanced.


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