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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Honey Soyabean Steamed Cake

My neighbor makes the best steamed cake and my kids absolutely adored them!  They would literally gobbled up everything whenever she sent over some!  Today I chanced upon Aunty Shuzhen and she briefly told me her recipe, so I decided to gave it a try tonight, with a slight modification on the flavour :)

This is my first steamed cake!  It's so easy to make them (all done within 30mins!) and they taste great!  Light fragrance of soyabean milk and honey!   Sweetness is just right!

2 eggs
3tbsp sugar
2tbsp soyabean milk
2tbsp canola oil
3tbsp condensed milk
1tsp honey
2/3 cup plain flour (ard 130ml/cc in a measuring cup) - sieved
2tsp baking powder

1.  Prepare steamer (heat up in medium heat and tie a towel on the steamer cover) and 7 muffin cases in seperate ramekin/small muffin baking tins. 
2.  Beat egg, sugar and milk until well combined.
3.  Add oil, condensed milk and honey.  Mix until well combined.
4.  Combined flour and baking powder, mix them well with a fork.  Then mix into egg mixture until smooth.
5. Transfer batter into muffin case.  Fill them up to almost close to the brim (this is my first try, so I thought i should fill them up 80% full like baked muffins.  But I was wrong, hence you can still see the cases edge around my cakes!).
6.  Send to steam for 10-13min.  Once done, remove to cool.

I made the mistake of filling them 80% full!  Fill it up close to the cases brim!

Wonderful dome!

Soft and spongey texture!

Another separate batch that I made with my new silicon moulds :)


  1. Hi,

    Beat egg, sugar and milk until well combined <- high speed or low speed? beat until sugar dissolve? around how many mints?


  2. Hi Fiona, just use a fork to beat until everything is combined together. Like how you would prepare to make an omelette.


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